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Last week we shared some delicious Thanksgiving recipes from the Sway Group bloggers, and today we have another roundup of holiday-themed posts from our talented roster. With Thanksgiving in mind, here’s a selection of craft projects, sanity-saving tips, thoughts on gratitude and thankfulness, and thought-provoking essays about holiday traditions. Plus, information about an amazing blogger-created charity that’s raised over $143,000, and last but not least, a hilarious (and only slightly inappropriate) warning poster on the dangers of food-triggered sexual innuendo.

Printable Thanksgiving Poster


I think each of us, as long we draw breath upon this earth, has something to be grateful for.  And I also believe that the more I feel that I’m faced with trials, the more I need to be looking for these things. Those who live life with thankful hearts, are often filled with not only gratefulness….but a indescribable happiness as well.  It is a wonderful trait to have.  But it’s also one of those amazing traits that we can cultivate through practice. — less cake {more frosting}


Thanksgiving “Be Grateful” Pallet Art


Back in February I made a super inexpensive and large piece of pallet art for Valentine’s Day.  Since the colors were in the scheme of my current living room pallet I have left it up all year round.  I decided to tackle the project again and give it a little Thanksgiving spin with the words “Be Grateful.” I never want to be limited by the holiday decor so I made it without any leaves or autumn colors. This project is really easy and cost less than $10! — Infarrantly Creative


200 Creative Thanksgiving Day Ideas

Here is the most amazing collection of 200 creative Thanksgiving Day ideas! Consider Tip Junkie your source for Thanksgiving Day Inspiration. These links are to previous Tip Junkie posts, so there are anywhere from 8 – 20 ideas on each link.  You’re going to LOVE it!  I’’ve compiled tons of fabulous ideas and tutorials all in one place so you can make this Thanksgiving extra special for your family. — Tip Junkie


10 days of thanksgiving: tradition (and the making of our new thanksgiving garland)


I mentioned a few days ago that I felt like I was at a bit of a loss when it came to Thanksgiving, having never grown up with the holiday — I felt like it was missing something.  So, with your help, I thought I’d share what we’re going to do this Thanksgiving, thanks to your inspiration.  Feel free to do it in your home this holiday as well (or if you don’t celebrate,  just in preparation for the end of the year to make your home festive), if it feels right. — Chookooloonks


How to Cultivate Gratitude and Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is a great time to introduce traditions around being thankful, but I would encourage you to look at this season as a jumping-off point. Think about incorporating some of these ideas into the rest of the year. Children will not learn about being thankful from a couple of rituals that they take part in once a year. Thankfulness will need to become a part of their daily practice in order to really take root in their way of thinking. — Kristen Howerton




When I stop and feel gratitude for my beautiful, healthy, hilarious, fantastic children, I suddenly feel incredibly grateful for the messy, disorganized, imperfect roof over their head. Then, like the proverbial cup, I’m filled up with gratitude for the amazing man who is helping me raise these children and who keeps this roof over our head. I’m grateful for all the family who loves me and that man and those children and wants nothing but the best for us. I’m grateful for the friends and community (both online and in person) that want nothing more for me and my family to succeed and find happiness. – Salt & Nectar


9 do-able Thanksgiving contributions for rookie moms

I really love Thanksgiving. I love how my mom makes the turkey and all the sides but when I’ve tried it on my own, I’ve had some real mixed results. I hope my suggestions and tips make your holiday happy and relaxed.  — Rookie Moms


Thanksgiving: Best of Parent Hacks


Thanksgiving brings to mind delicious food and relaxed family time. Unless you’re the host or the parent of little kids. Here are ideas for simplifying holiday travel, streamlining meal preparation and table setting, getting the kids involved and keeping them entertained while they wait for the turkey and pie. Not to mention teaching them about the spirit of Thanksgiving. — Parent Hacks


Do we need to save Thanksgiving?


I do love Thanksgiving’s sentiment, however: take a few days off work or school, get together with your friends and family, reflect on your blessings, eat your body weight in turkey and pie…yes, please. I love that nothing all that unusual happens, there are no carols or gifts or costumes (unless your family is really into it, I suppose). It’s got all the elements of a memorable day – food, friends, family, and for some, football – without any of the pressures of a larger or more commercialized holiday. Until now? — The Happiest Home

The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project


The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project gives these mothers and their families an evening of food, love and warmth, without the stress and worry they battle the rest of the year. Innocently born out of a blog post in 2011, and now an official 501(c)3 non-profit, the project has helped over 1,700 families to date celebrate a Thanksgiving they wouldn’t otherwise have had. Read the testimonials, see yourself in these faces and ask: How can you not want to make a difference? — Scary Mommy

Parent Safety: Thanksgiving InnueDON’TS


So, protect yourself from yourself and each other. Don’t accidentally get your partner’s hopes up. Especially if you know their hopes are on a hair-trigger and ready to go off at the slightest hint. Even if there’s really no hint. Of sex or bacon. — How To Be a Dad

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