Meet The Sway Bloggers: Amy Allen Clark

Sway’s Meet The Bloggers series presents brief introductions to our roster bloggers in which they share insights about their blogs, and themselves. Today’s featured blogger is Amy Allen Clark of MomAdvice.

amy-allen-clarkAmy has been running her website MomAdvice since 2004 and still hasn’t run out of things to say about how families can enjoy the good life for less. She’s a foodie, bookworm, knitter, hot glue gun junkie, photographer, penny pincher, and lover of the simple life who has happily documented her journey towards debt-free living in hopes to inspire her readers to embrace the beauty of living on less.

Q: Favorite thing to do when you’re not blogging?

A couple of months ago, I started taking a dance class at a local dance fitness studio. When I dance, I feel like a kid again. I took dance for many years when I was little and this is fulfilling a part of me that I thought I had lost. Each week we learn a new routine and it has been so good for my brain to memorize sequences. I smile so much during class that my face hurts- it is a joy like no other. I even went out and bought dance shoes- I am not kidding. Here is a video of me dancing so you can see how much fun I am having.

Q: What’s your guiltiest pleasure? (C’mon, you can tell us!)

We decided to finish our shed into a bonus room- It is attached to our house, but is separate from our home so it is like a little getaway. My new guilty pleasure is lounging in that room, listening to my favorite albums on my record player (Dirty Dancing Soundtrack anyone?), sipping some wine, and reading mindless young adult fiction. It’s almost like having a having a college dorm away from home and it has been a great escape from our busy daily life.

Q: If you had an anthem, what would it be?

Beyonce’s, “Run the World (Girls).” It is the song I ran my first 5K to (and last, but I did it!) and it is my power song when I am working on a really hard project or take on a client that really challenges me. I love girl empowering anthems and I play it for my daughter all the time. I want her to know that she can do anything she sets her mind to. My big hope as a mom is that I am showing her that through the things that I am doing in my own life.

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Sway Roster Bloggers Among 50 Favorite Mom Bloggers

Our friends at — whose Latina graciously sponsored our Latina Bloggy Boot Camp earlier this year — have released a notably diverse and inclusive list of their 50 Favorite Mom bloggers, and we’re incredibly proud to announce that eight bloggers from the Sway Roster were among them, singled out by editors as “favorites from a field of excellence.”

top 50 mom bloggers
Congratulations to:

Monica Bielanko of The Girl Who
Meagan Francis of The Happiest Home
Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things
Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy
Heather Spohr of The Spohrs Are Multiplying
Ana Flores of Spanglish Baby
Kelly Wickham of Mocha Momma
Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child

We were also thrilled to see that some of the bloggers who’ve participated in our Massive Sway programs were also honored, including…

Chelsea Day of Someday I’ll Learn 
Leticia Barr of Tech Savvy Mama
Aimee Giese of Greeblehaus
Piera Jolly of Jolly Mom
Beth Blecherman of Techmamas

It’s a privilege to be associated with the amazing talent on our roster and in the Massive Sway network. Kudos to each of them for this well-deserved recognition!

An Open Letter to Our Clients and Influencers

At the end of May, we were both surprised and dismayed to learn that the Mommy Guru Media Blogging Network had re-branded themselves as Social Swayy. As most of you know, Sway Group has been in business since April of 2011 and has been actively using the service mark “Sway” since that time.

While there is plenty of room in the marketplace for various providers of social media services, Social Swayy’s use of a mark that is confusingly similar to Sway Group’s trademarks, for identical services, is likely to cause confusion amongst both our clients and influencers, given that it implies an association between Social Swayy and Sway Group where absolutely none exists.

We have invested both time and money (not to mention our hearts and souls) in the development of the “Sway” brand over the last three years, and to have another company attempt to piggyback on this effort is disheartening at best.  We have respectfully requested this company cease and desist all use of the “Swayy” brand immediately and we are working with outside counsel to bring closure to this matter. We will continue to keep you apprised of any developments and we thank you all for your support.

Sway Roster Bloggers Honored With Iris Awards

In 2013, the Mom 2.0 Summit announced the Iris Awards, an annual recognition event to reward the year’s greatest achievements in parenting blogging as determined by leaders in new media, traditional media, journalism, marketing and the creative arts. A call for nominations began earlier this year, ran through March 3rd, and winners were announced on May 3rd, 2014.


The Iris Awards ceremony (produced in partnership Turner Broadcasting and HLN) was held on the closing night of the 2014 Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta, and we’re incredibly proud to announce that 6 bloggers from our Sway roster were honored for their amazing body of work.

Congratulations to ….

Blog Vanguard: Heather Armstrong of Dooce

Best Writing: Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child

Best Photography: Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks

Most Thought-Provoking Content: Kelly Wickham of Mocha Momma

Best Brand Campaign of the Year: babyGap A Celebration of Motherhood Firsts from Cool Mom Picks

Blog of the Year: Rage Against the Minivan by Kristen Howerton

We’re so honored to be associated with the talented members of our Sway roster, and we extend huge, heartfelt, standing-ovation congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the first annual Iris Awards.

Sway Group CEO at Marketing Land: “The Fatal Mistake Content Marketers Are Making With Nofollow”

Have you ever second-guessed running a blogger sponsorship, for fear that Google’s nofollow link requirement would make the endeavor an SEO failure? Sway Group CEO Danielle Wiley addresses this common misconception in her latest Marketing Land article, titled “The Fatal Mistake Content Marketers Are Making With Nofollow.”

She writes,

When marketers focus too much of their attention on search engine optimization (SEO), they lose sight of the big picture. Do you want to create brand awareness? Connect with the vast, highly engaged audience of a popular blogger? Bring real traffic back to your own website? Drive sales? A nofollow link can do all those things and more.

Danielle explains what nofollow means for marketers, and shows how sponsored posts still spark conversations even if (especially if) they follow Google’s search engine Terms of Service to the letter. Learn how transparency drives online credibility, and why good content will always win over search ratings trickery:

Key publishers can deliver branded content that’s compelling enough for readers to share with their network of friends and followers. In turn, their socially active connections of influencers will share, re-blog, link and drive brand awareness. This is where a paid strategy results in earned media, and there isn’t a Google requirement in the world that can stop it from happening if your content is on target.

no follow link mistakes

Read Danielle’s entire article here, and check out the rest of her Marketing Land articles.