Sway Group Expands Content Marketing Foundation By Joining OneSpot Content Partner Network

Today, we’re proud to expand our content marketing foundation through a partnership with OneSpot as a pioneering member of the OneSpot Content Partner Network comprised of leading content marketing platforms, publishers and agencies. By identifying a need for increased digital marketing offerings, Sway Group can now strengthen and simplify content marketing for our clients on a larger scale.

“As a full service content marketing agency, our background in brand strategy allows us to find the perfect influencers for our clients and work closely with them to generate content exceeding each client’s KPIs,” said Sway Group President, Business Development, Allison Talamantez. “With more clients seeking integrated digital campaigns, a partnership with OneSpot enables us to further augment this stellar content.”

“The best brands in the world are working to break through the silos that separate content strategy, creation and distribution,” said Steve Sachs, chief executive officer of OneSpot. “By bringing these capabilities closer together, we and our new slate of world class content partners are making the entire content marketing value chain simpler and more effective for top global brands,” he added.

You can read the full OneSpot Content Partner Network announcement here.

Introducing The Marketplace, a New Kind of Blogger Resource

The mission of our Massive Sway network, powered by The SITS Girls, has always been to create a space where bloggers can find their tribe and grow their audience. As our community grew, we added an educational portal with information on technical skills, a discussion forum and a networking platform connecting bloggers to sponsored opportunities. Throughout our evolution, we have worked to help elevate the quality of our bloggers’ sites and capabilities to enhance the value of content created for our clients.

We are excited to launch the newest addition to our offerings, The Marketplace, a helpful appendix to our Massive Sway site with ready-made design resources for those new to blogging and advice for veterans looking for a refined aesthetic. The Marketplace offers WordPress themes, seasonal printables, hosting options and logos for sale, in addition to resources for online classes and our favorite editing applications.

This new resource takes our mission to the next level, furthering our commitment to providing support to our now 80,000 community members through design offerings, in turn growing their site quality and viewership numbers. It is our goal to work as a team with our influencers and clients to develop the best content and reach the target audience. We continue to learn and grow and look forward to sharing ongoing updates on how we will further enhance the content our influencers develop.

Santa isn’t the only gift-giver this holiday season: The marketing joy of holiday gift guides

In our time-starved world, with the holidays fast approaching, shoppers have begun to silently stress the upcoming gift-giving season. It’s no wonder that many turn to influencer gift guides for trusted suggestions on the perfect present for Aunt Sue, the dog walker, new boyfriend, children’s piano teacher or even themselves.

Many of our influencers develop holiday gift guides each year providing readers with tested gift ideas and marketers with an effective solution for end-of-year, must-spend, marketing dollars, as well as guaranteed impressions. Holiday gift guides act as an opportune platform to showcase your products, brands and services at a time when consumers are actively engaged in a holiday shopping mindset.

Bloomberg Businessweek recently advised, “Remember that at holiday time, lots of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be your customers are looking for gift ideas—and they may splurge.” It’s important to look beyond your target consumer. Getting in front of the person buying for your target consumer may significantly boost sales at this crucial time of year.

Placements can include stand alone, dedicated advertorials, contesting, ad space, and more. We customize these offerings to meet your specific holiday KPIs and work with you from the beginning to brainstorm your unique campaign. While it may seem too early for holiday decorations, it’s the perfect time to plan your holiday marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more.

Digital Marketing to Moms vs. Digital Marketing to Women: Do Brands Need Disparate Strategies?

Last week, Sway Group’s Allison Talamantez, President, Business Development and Tiffany Romero, President, Influencer Management, presented at the inaugural Digital Marketing Strategies Summit on the topic of marketing to women.

Their presentation, titled ‘Digital Marketing to Moms vs. Digital Marketing to Women: Do Brands Need Disparate Strategies?’ explored the misconceptions of marketing to women and the changing social media platforms on which these conversations are taking place.

Misconception #1: Speak to all women as mothers

When targeting women in the 25-54 year old age bracket, it is true that many of these women are mothers. However, marketers are shortsighted in appealing to just this aspect of her identity. Unless a product or service directly relates to parenting, consider targeting women as WOMEN first.

Through analysis of Sway’s own Twitter parties, we recently learned that women were the chattiest when the topic focused on makeup, skin care, diet, food and financial services. Many moms use social media as a way to expand their social networks and escape their everyday life. It is time away from their babies and kids!

Misconception #2: Use the newest, hottest social media platform

Clients sometimes ask us to incorporate the new “hot” platform into their campaign without considering if their target is using it. It’s imperative for brands to connect with their demographic before launching a campaign to fully understand how they are consuming media. (It’s very obvious when a young male creates a program for a 40-year-old woman.)

For example, today’s young moms aren’t reading as many personal blogs as Gen X moms were at that stage in their lives. Millennial moms rely more heavily on word of mouth. Younger female consumers (those who are not mothers) are very visual and lean on Instagram and YouTube as their means of information. Facebook and blogs aren’t going to reach them at all.

Misconception #3: What works for one group of women, will work for another

Your audience can be sliced into more distinct groups and subgroups now than 10-15 years ago, and there is a targeted outlet, a channel and platform for each. In addition to age, geography, life stage and interests all play a part in determining an audience, so it is necessary to drill down the profile of the specific consumer you are looking to reach. To start, begin a conversation with your target.




Meet Tiffany Romero – Sway Group’s President, Influencer Management (Also known as our Chief Evangelist)

Tiffany Romero, Sway Group’s President, Influencer Management, is one of Sway Group’s partners, working behind the client curtain to attract the best influencer talent for each campaign. Tiffany is the reason our Massive Sway network of now 80,000 influencers is of the caliber and consistency it is today.

After starting her own personal blog in March 2008, Tiffany quickly recognized the need for a blogger-based community. She created The SITS Girls (which evolved to stand for “The Secret to Success is Support”) as a space where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience. Although the site has evolved over the years, its commitment to this mission has not changed. Our Massive Sway network, now powered by The SITS Girls, is a thriving community and resource where bloggers can discover sponsored opportunities, learn the technical skills they need to be successful online and chat in our discussion forum.

Tiffany shares, “When I began The SITS Girls, I had no idea the incredible opportunities, relationships and experiences that would follow. Sticking to the core message of ‘The Secret to Success is Support’ has been the cornerstone of our thriving community and I love hearing of each individual story of success we’ve played a role in. I’m proud of what we’ve built and our growth to remain a positive, helpful and supportive corner of the digital space.”

Starting this week the Sway Group Facebook page is now combined with our Massive Sway Facebook page, where the community is designed for bloggers to engage with each other and connect with sponsored opportunities.

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