Worst conference swag (and how to make it better)

We loved discussing all the good stuff brands have tucked into swag bags, have dropped off in our hotel rooms and have sent to our homes. From full-sized lipstick to reusable totes to (dare to dream!) early-release iPads, bloggers will cheer for years for the brands that do swag right. But they also have a […]

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Applause for the BlogHer Voices of the Year ’12!

BlogHer always means big parties, more swag than anyone can fit in a suitcase, swarms of friends and face time with socially savvy celebs we love. But the conference lights up the most when bloggers take the stage to read posts carefully chosen as the Voices of the Year. We will be there laughing, tearing […]

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The best swag bloggers really use

Last spring, I hired a professional organizer to get my desk in proper working order after several years of pushing aside piles of paper and Legos and sticky-note pads just to make room for my laptop and a wobbly cup of coffee. The very sweet organizer assessed the mess diplomatically — “Do you think you […]

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5 ways to make a blogging conference session more memorable

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no one was tempted to just buy the cocktail party pass to a conference, if our iPhone notepads and handcrafted journals were filled with ideas and questions inspired by keynote speakers and panelists we’d been waiting all year to hear? What if we actually looked forward to PowerPoint presentations and […]

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Why We Don’t Endorse Individual Conference Sponsorships

I have a post up on Mom Crunch today about the practice of sponsoring individual bloggers for conferences: As a blogger, you have the ability to be a lot of things. You are a writer, for sure. But you can also be a media entity, a spokesperson, or a consultant. What you should never be, […]

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Looking Forward to BlogHer! (Warning: Major Reminiscing Ahead)

(Edited to add: We were bumped from the cabanas at the Marriott and will now be joining forces with Babble at the cabanas of the Hyatt, just next door. Please come find us at the 3rd floor, adults-only pool. We’ll be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am – 7pm.) This will be my sixth […]

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